Author: Pennyweight

Don Sesh, an eclectic DJ from Denver, Colorado sent us this bumpin’ Guest-Mix for his episode! Then we did a short interview with him and found out some more about the man behind the music! Jam his mix here and check him out at :

We had Michael Cullen II, the founder and head honcho at Phuture Collective, and his good friend and an extremely talented producer/musician, Zero Tep, in the studio to talk about their collective and to promote their upcoming show at The Paris Theatre with Great Dane, Diversa, ZenAware, Indigo Beck, Zero Tep, Lokahi, and Isiah Brown! […]

Anomic Radio’s Official Paradiso 2017 Coverage! We would like to open this review with a HUGE shoutout and thank you to Aaron Silverstein at USC Events for all of his help setting up these interviews and giving us not only the tickets that we gave away for promotion but also our Media passes which got […]

This week we had an incredible 40 minute guest mix sent in from Curro a.k.a. Peter Curr, who is a dubstep and bass music producer currently based out of Los Angelas, California. We also got a chance to interview Curro over the phone and find out a little bit more about who Curro is and […]

DJ Whiskas all the way from Colorado Springs sent us in a Guest Mix and called in for a little interview! This guy recently opened for Dada Life at Red Rocks and is only getting started! Tune in and groove out! Also remember if you are trying to go on the Groove Cruise this year […]

This week we had Vancouver/PDX based Producer/DJ Chris Bower in the KPSU Studio for a LIVE DJ performance! We also got to know Chris a bit more, we found out how he got started as a DJ and learned more about what He’s been working on lately and his plans for the future! Chris will […]

FINALLY! Due to some unfortunate delays, we are finally able to upload the audio from the amazing, live in-studio performance that Rasheed Jamal threw down for us here at Anomic Radio! There were some technical issues in the recording that were due to a blown power amplifier as well as missing a much needed conversion […]

We had FoulCrest a.k.a. Jonnay Marsh in the studio laying down a killer guest-mix full of dirty bass house, gutter house, and everything that’s gnarly in the 4×4 world! We apologize for the late upload, had some server issues and due to some technical problems the audio from the interview and Lucky 2017 Ticket Giveaway […]

This week we brought Portland-Native Musician turned DJ/Producer KingCheetah into the KPSU Studio! We talked about his roots, his new song IDK Ft. Ashley Clayton, and then listened to him vibe out a killer hour of house jams and KingCheetah originals! KingCheetah’s Links !

This week Anomic Radio was invited to the What’s Next PDX? Lab for our host Pennyweight to perform a Live-Streamed DJ Set! He was running on very little sleep and was fighting off a cold when he performed, but Penny still laid down a pretty eclectic set! The guys at WNPDX even asked him to […]

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