Author: Pete Banjo

This show was apparently lost to the ages … but has been found and returns to the glory of KPSU’s From The Vaults archive! An exploration of so-called “weird music” from a wide spectrum of genres and decades, from youtube sensation joke bands to Dan Deacon, from Mr Bungle to John Zorn, from Zeuhl music […]

A special 1.5 hour episode jam-packed with music: Pushing The Envelope – Protest Songs by Kpsuprogramming on Mixcloud

Pushing The Envelope – The Future by Kpsuprogramming on Mixcloud

Pushing The Envelope: Early Childhood by Kpsuprogramming on Mixcloud This week features a discussion of early childhood development, particularly in terms of education and mentorship. Looking a bit at the Helen Gordon Early Childhood Development Center here on the campus of PSU, and continue from there to talk about Montessori, pre-K, head start, state and […]

KPSU’s From The Vaults presents a special episode overviewing the varied musical outputs of Sufjan Stevens, in anticipation of his June 8th performance in Portland at the Arlene Schnitzer Hall. Sufjan Stevens special by Kpsuprogramming on Mixcloud And since it was specifically mentioned, here’s that music video from Danielson Famile, the band Sufjan contributes to […]

Pushing The Envelope: Science by Kpsuprogramming on Mixcloud background beatz featuring jamz by DJ E.D.M An episode of KPSU’s Pushing The Envelope series of talk shows: this one starts with science and public policy and a jumping off point. Fluoride, immunizations, chemtrails, ghosts, hip hop, statistical racism, fear, Dr Mengele, Thomas Dolby, public health, and […]

KPSU Presents: Radio School May 26 by Kpsuprogramming on Mixcloud

Approaching its 1-year anniversary, The Uncanny Valley is one of KPSU’s most consistently-downloaded podcasts. It’s a strange collection of oddities: exactly the kind of ear-opening experience you’d expect to get from a college radio DJ. Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Radiohead, Frank Zappa, Talib Kweli, The Beach Boys. If you’re not hip to that vibe … […]

Another current episode of From The Vaults brings together DJ Banjo and DJ Perspectacle to talk about aesthetic: both the old-school art history definition and the new-school social media definition that ‘the kids’ are using now on sites like Tumblr. Topics touched on range from hip hop, feminism, Rihanna, Wagner, jazz, The Beatles, situationists, and […]

Local Portland band Coronation dropped by the studio as part of KPSU’s 24-hours-of-live-broadcast pledge drive event to lend us their synth-disco-dance-percussive groovy vibe. A great performance captured by our stalwart microphonics, this is a tight 30 minute set of awesome energy. Enjoy the show, and definitely check out all Coronation has to offer. Coronation live […]

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