Author: Kyle Sandoval

Hello world sorry for the late posting of this episode! Barely listened to music on this one. Craigslist is just too deep of a hole.

Here’s this week’s episode. We listen to some songs! The new Menzingers album, After The Party, is out now. It is fantastic and I recommend people listen to it.

This is a different kind of episode. Neil Cicierega released his newest mash-up album Mouth Moods. I love it so much I had to listen to the whole thing on the show. At the same time I didn’t want to just listen to an album all the way through (and with a length of 57 minutes, that’s all we’d […]

Kyle and Aleks hang out

Here’s a bunch of music and things

No matter what happens with the rest of 2016, it’s all going to be okay because Japandroids have announced their new album, Near to The Wild Heart of Life. Also our friend, Emily Dale joins us to talk about seeing Brand New on Halloween.

Hello here’s a new episode of Emotherapy! I don’t remember what we talked about but we definitely talked about something!   Thanks! Kyle

After a summer break, Emotherapy returns for it’s second season! We talk about Disneyland and hentai theaters. Also there’s some music I guess.

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