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Mix of rap, hip-hop, metal, alternative, ska, punk, and blues this week. Only a few more weeks of the term left here at PSU, get your studying in while you still can.

Metal only playlist today, starting with the artists playing the Wonder Ballroom this evening: Chon, Intervals, Between the Buried and Me.

Talked about the joys of buying albums at random, which is how my wife and I discovered the band Lunar Maps.

Mix of prog rock, indie acoustic, early 2000s rap, punk rock, new wave, and assorted Halloween songs. Requests from Wes, James, and Ember.Have a fun Halloween everyone!

First official broadcast, talked about lack of religious secularism on the airwaves and played a few requests for my friends across the globe.

Late night session on 10/16, with special guests Sonya and Robin.All shows from now on will happen on Mondays between 10-11.