Author: Nolan Plummer

DJ 4ever Alone spins some sad boi classics for all the sad folx out there on this V-Day, 2022. Dedicated to CJ McCollum – We <3 you Bro, good luck in NOLA T_T

DJ Parental Advisory Warning reels in the years (yuck) and plays songs that remind him of the fam damily. New Wave and 70’s Hard Rock for papa, and a little country twang for my ma. Bookending the episode with some Led Zeppelin as we angle toward the BNT Hall of Fame opening ceremony.

DJ Guy Ferreira acclimates Bangerz-N-Trash’s brand new intern, Beau, to the inner workings of college radio’s dark under belly. Kids these days.

After two consecutive weeks of unexpected rain-checks, following two weeks of expected rain checks, BNT is back in full force! Since George Harrison got the short end of the stick when DJ George Martin did the Beatle Episode, so we’re back with a Harrison Heavy power set. But first some random jams by Blur, The […]

Happy New Year! 2022 Kicks off with an episode (mostly) dedicated to stuff that definitely wasn’t going to make my Spotify Wrapped. Some things have a time and place. This is that time, and this is that place. DJ xxxxxxxxx introduces a new segment where we just talk a little $h*% Finally, s/o Kyle Kent […]

DJ OG Two pivots BNT into full on Sports Talk Radio mode. Will from High School drops in with Hot Takes, thoughts on the politics of Golf, and the Morris Brothers/Jokic Brothers beef. Molly takes a Sports Trivia Quiz*; what do yall know about the UT Lady Vols? Tommy from Portland, Bill from Akron, and […]

DJ Kelso/Longview takes a trip to Seattle to talk to the boys in Seacats. Perhaps the finest Indie Rock unit the Pacific Northwest has to offer, Seattle “Funny Guys” Seacats are back in post-pandemic action and BNT honors their return with an episode dedicated to playing their tunes. We interview Keenan, Dave, Aubrey, and the […]

DJ Uwajimaya Bookstore hosts BNT’s Anime Appreciation Show. Ya ever heard of YuYu Hakusho? RURONI KENSHIN??? We’ll hash out the big questions: Blake tackles Sub vs. Dubs. Molly runs down her Pok√©mon starting lineup. Nolan says “like” a lot. Like, a lot. Sponsored by Shonen Jump * *not actually

Fellow KPSU DJ subs in for The Grab Bag. We hear a little comedy, and a bunch of great tunes.

DJ George Martin does an all-Beatles episode because HE WAS UNPREPARED… But we make due, and end up with another classic Ep. Blake talks some smack about the lads from Liverpool, and we find out what Molly knows about John, Paul, George, and Ringo (which is nothing.) Aired November 22, 2021

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