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“But what if FUN itself can be simulated, that is to say can be reduced to signs that constitute faith? Then the whole system becomes weightless, it is no longer anything but a gigantic simulacrum – not unreal, but simulacrum, that is to say never exchanged for the real, but exchanged for itself, in an […]

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Jeff Beck Robert Fripp Jimmy Page Duane Allman Dickey Betts Jon Poole Tim Smith Pete Cosey Reggie Lucas Eddie Van Halen Steve Bartek Benjamin Andrews Chet Atkins

Rigid license severity To drain the cup of misery Put dirty water in their tea Join them to the armies What do the acts that they perform In institution uniform Pay in the price to pay for day To spill or fritter away Loosefish bad egg sad lot scapegrace All my magnitude stops the irons […]

Man was born to love – Though often he has sought Like Icarus, to fly too high. And far too lonely than he ought To kiss the sun of east and west And hold the world at his behest To hold the terrible power To whom only gods are blessed But me, I am just […]

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About what are we uncertain here? We are not uncertain about what is moving. It is not the case that we lack knowledge about the sun’s true behavior      or about how the earth’s rotation gives the appearance of the sun rising. We are not uncertain about why it seems to us that the […]

Please stay tuned for the chilling conclusion to…

Please stay tuned for the chilling conclusion of…