Author: Moni


February 3, 2023

we do a deep dive on punxutawney phil and listen to shakira. this is literally exactly what happened

hello!!!! this SPECIAL segment of etc is filled with 2010 top hits and what i had for breakfast this morning. have a listen! -moni


December 9, 2022

we go over my spotify wrapped, and just hang out. a couple song requests too, the vibes a little all over the place. we vibe nonetheless. have a listen! -moni


December 6, 2022

HEY!!!!! played some fantastic doja cat (some songs more than once bc they’re amazing), some song requests, and christmas classics/bluegrass. its a wonderful vibe. listen along!!! -moni ps. the recording is messed up until about 38 minutes in, play from there. sorry about that 🙂


November 4, 2022

hello!!! today we listen to FUN and funky indie rock, and i play the entirety of around the world. it’s such a good time!! my partner is also on as a special guest 🙂 have a listen!!!! -moni


October 28, 2022

i’m back!! some fall tunes and a spooky surprise. hold onto your seats!! – moni


October 21, 2022

old songs!! basically the soundtracks to guardians and the galaxy 1 and 2. no recording for this one 🙁 -moni


October 14, 2022

my second episode!!! i play a ton of cage the elephant and overshare. same as always :p have a listen!! -moni


October 6, 2022

welcome to ep. 1 of etc!! i play some songs, talk about how cool i am, play some more songs, talk about mac & cheese, and have a GREAT time. have a listen!!!!!! 🙂 -moni

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