Author: Rock'em Sock'em

Some songs for finals week to end the term. “Are You Sure That’s Punk?” will be on a little bit of a hiatus this summer.

It’s dead week, and I’m playing some of my favorites.

A good mixture of punk music from all over.

Just another late Wednesday night playing some punk music.

An hour full of people covering the Ramones, punkers covering non-punk songs, and punkers covering other punkers.

One of the things that we love most about punk is how it gets straight to the point. This show is full of songs that are a minute or less, so we have a ton of songs packing quite a punch for an hour long show.

If you missed Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish as they rolled through town on Monday, you missed one hell of a show. These are two incredibly seasoned bands that put their all into their shows, and it is completely obvious that they love putting on performances to please the fans. Even if you […]

The first time that I was introduced with Less Than Jake was in 2001. In an outstanding set with Anti-Flag and Newfound Glory, they put on one of those performances that are one of those ones that just kind of stick with you forever. Little did I know that this was a start of long relationship I […]

As mid terms bore their way through PSU, we have a bit of punk from all over the realm to get us through.

    As KPSU’s 30 shows in 30 days of April winds down, one of the most raucous shows of the month took place at Kelly’s Olympian last night. In what ended up being a quaint, intimate show, KPSU had the pleasure of hosting Ninjas With Syringes, Jet Force Gemini, and Stab In The Dark. […]

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