Metal for christmas. RJD doing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is an epic experience from an epic musician. A lot of good tunes to brighten every metal heads holiday.

A lovely day of metal featuring the lady vocalists of the scene. Myrkur, Offa Rex, Grace Disgraced and our friends at Arch Enemy. All too often the metal scene is one big sausage festival, these fine folks break the mold and bring us the octave ranges the genre should not be without (sorry King D, […]

The S word, Alunah, Sleep Terror and Slayer. All the metals to brighten one’s morning.

Moar Metals. What more can I say. Gwar, Blotted Science, Gormathon, Arnocorps, damn that is some good metal.

Hits from the softer side of metal, Ratt, Cinderella, UFO… who am I kidding we are playing a mix of melodious and heavy every show. Tracks that are the takeaway for me: “Screen Queen” by Black Moth “Morning Sun” by Savatage And that hweird, whacky, and hwild “Heinous” by Hatebean.

Skating Polly crushed the Doug Fir Lounge Thursday night with The Go! Team (3/29/18). Starting their set with “Alabama Movies”, a driving and angst filled track from Fuzz Steilacoom, the mood of the show was kicked into high gear. The three piece from Oklahoma City rocked out many tunes from their back catalog and a […]

Not a single song from this decade. Playing the old metals but good metals with a healthy dose of thrash and British invasion metal. We make the determination that BOC is indeed rockin’ enough to be considered metal… on some of their tracks at least.

Moar metals!  Featuring some great bassists and bass driven tracks. Another fun hour of metal tunes that got a little thrashy at the end, but hey thrashy is good, right? Finishing with Holy Wars and … The Metal Lady Boy? Yeah that song could have gone a lot of ways and I’m kinda impressed with […]

Another Monday and more metal for breakfast. Played the first triplet of songs linked by a theme (Egypt) based upon a recent trip to Vegas with family. A  marriage was made, money was lost, and every night was ended in a giant pyramid. Orson Welles made an appearance on the show from beyond the grave […]

More tasty metal in our first real show. I’m liking the format of starting off with early metal from the greats and transitioning to the technical death of today as the show progresses. Just feels right. I hope today’s show got your blood moving on this frozen February morning and if you like what you […]

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