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I welcome back the analytic & illustrious Dead Guy Perez aka DGP to select some choice hip hop and electronic cuts. Once again, DGP keeps each track relevant to the last… Tips my hat to that homie. *Please excuse the technical malfunction: The podcast only works on one stereo side. It happens. @[email protected] KPSU functions with the […]

Guest DJ, Deag Guy Perez (DGP) brings his encyclopedic knowledge of hip hop culture to Moonbeams & Wet Dreams… Selecting some classic cuts, DGP favorites, and plenty of Busdriver & Cannibal features. DGP takin Moonbeams back to that Boom Bap!

Guest DJ, Deag Guy Perez (DGP) brings his encyclopedic knowledge of hip hop culture to Moonbeams & Wet Dreams… Selecting some nasty cuts, some new collabs, and even threw a couple obscene acoustic covers that you’ll no doubt recognize. DGP takin Moonbeams back to that Boom Bap!

DJ Dovin & Cabaret Barnet bring you the concluding hour of our III part homage to the dark, desperate, and disjointed hours of winter. We also want to wish Barnet a safe trip to Denmark (but not TOO safe), and hope he brings back lots of disturbing music for our next featured podcast. #_# Love […]

Goin deeper into the void, with co-host Cabaret Barnet; more strokes from the palette of ambient, dark winter music. Expect more black metal textures as we explore ye olde witch (and -post!?) house styles, and distorted electronics. All for your listening pleasure. 3:) P.S. BTW, Pardon the holes in Part II’s playlist, beloved Cabaret Barnet disappeared to the […]

(Orig. Air Date 12.28.2015) DJ Dovin & Cabaret Barnet showcase an eclectic palette of metal, dark wave, noise, goth, and whatever else is turning us on this unrelenting & wonderful winter at Portland State. It’s an honor to have co-host Barnet with us, since he is moving abroad next quarter to study in Denmark. As before, […]

From the cold, frosted lands of Scandinavia, your host DJ Dovin & guest DJ Spontaneous assault the airwaves of KPSU with a who’s who of metal and hardcore of Sweden. Why are the disproportionately represented female, Death vocalists cooler? Why does such morbid imagery and sonic brutality hail from what is otherwise, a satisfied nation? […]

In this dark hour of Moonbeams & Wet Dreams (AKA Cream Rinse & Repeat!?), Dovin & DJ Boots tend to online requests of “Black Metal Make-Out Music”, including the lovely Lantlôs & Coldworld & Myrkur. Plus, we award one lucky listener with a guest spot at the upcoming Deafheaven show, October 19 at Wonder Ballroom. […]

***This podcast only works as a DOWNLOAD… Right-click on download icon & click “Save Link As… ” On hour two of Visceral Volume, DJ Matt Foley takes some alarming requests from members of Qui & Hammerhead, and things get weird… REALLY WEIRD.  

Dovin & DJ Matt Foley host a two hour block of interview and eclectic musical chicanery with experimental rock duo Qui, and seasoned noise rock trio Hammerhead!

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