Author: Lyndsay Smith

Click here to download or follow this URL: In this episode of Beyond Footnotes we interview PSU Professor John Ott, who teaches Medieval History, with a focus in Northern France and Flanders in the 11th and 12th centuries. Professor Ott discusses the training needed to be a medievalist and the medieval church, including the […]

Click here to go to the episode or copy and paste link: In this episode we interview PSU professor of history, David Peterson Del Mar. We discuss his upcoming book, African, American: From Tarzan to Dreams from My Father – Africa in the U.S. Imagination, which delves into the perceptions of Africa by white […]

Click here to go to the episode or copy and paste link: In this episode, two lovely and lively women share their experience as new museum professionals at the Clackamas County Historical Society’s Museum of the Oregon Territory. Corinne Rupp graduated with her Bachelor’s in History from PSU in 2016 and is the Director […]

Click here or follow link below to listen to episode. [Link may not work on some mobile devices. You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher, and just about any streaming app or you can copy and paste this link in your browser:]. Did you ever wonder what historians can do outside of academia? Well, here […]

Click to Download Extensive legislation in the United States restricts and/or regulates the labor, voting, and reproductive rights of women. In this episode, we discuss the history of women’s health legislation with an emphasis on abortion legislation. Oregon holds a unique place in this history. Today, I interview second-year history graduate student Tanya Monthey. Tanya is studying modern American legal history and […]

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