Author: 45 Cal

Second to last show ever.  Pretty good one.

When Lanny (KPSU’s longtime music director) came up with the idea to blog about our favorite Portland bands, dream festival line-up, or a genre specific post I thought it was a rad idea and felt like I had a lot to contribute.  After all, I have played nearly every venue in town (the roseland and […]

Played the band “All People” and talked about how much I love community records.   Only a few more shows left at KPSU till my time is over.  Fucking.sad.face.

Dedicated to big Al’s fantastic mustache.  Out of Dodge, “A night at Hallowed Halls” followed by Teen Suicide.   Pretty pretty good show.

Shy, Low all show because Milk Peterson has a pizza face

Jazz Bitches

God is An Astronaut, their flagship record: All is Violent, All is Bright

Was in a shitty mood, felt like shit.  Godspeed You Black Emperor.  Forgot to get my playlist.  Will update soon

I was going to interview my friend Charles, but it just didn’t happen.  So I fumbled through some excellent Toy Garden songs and tried to write a paper at the same time.

This was supposed to be all of M83 “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming” but thing got weird.

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