Author: La Nay Nay

Check out our radio show with Rare Diagram and for more info:

Had another great band this last week check out Cat Hoch songs here:

So I had the honor of not only meeting Joel Magid and his band but I also got to see them perform at Mississippi Studios this week. There performances was awesome because not only did they look like they having having fun playing their music but they were some awesome performing outfits which give off […]

This past week I had the chance to go to the awesome festival in Portland called Musicfest NW. Even though there was a lot of discussion of why the festival itself decided to not only reduce the amount of bands performing at venues and the fact that the event was many run on the Waterfront, […]

For those of you who did not know fellow DJ Alexander J. Edmonds and I are doing KPSU media coverage at Treefort Music Fest in Bosie Idaho. Today I had the chance to go to a Portland themed unofficial Treefort house show. The bands that played were Duck. Little Brother, Duck, Animal Eyes, Sama Dams, […]

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