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It’s a Lilwami and friends take over mix with a special guest DJ and colleague, LC SPRNKL. LC SPRNKL has been mixing for almost a year now and has been mastering his heavy smashing sounds on the board playing at events and mixing on the fly. This mix is all improvised with one song after […]

After being gone for two weeks and about ready to mix on Lilwami’s Sound Wavez, Lilwami’s computer and mixer weren’t working. So, for the improvisation and timing, Lilwami decided to play a video of the band Rebelution playing live at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas, TX. Rebelution is a reggae band that originated in […]

This mix was inspired and created from one of Lilwami’s close family members who has a strong influence of calm, psychedelic electronic music. Surprisingly she was in Portland for the weekend and got the chance to attend the mix to hear the music herself. Some of the artists in this mix includes Flying Lotus, Flume, […]

There are times in life when you have no time to really prepare for something but you still are thrown into the circumstance. And the best thing to do is to go with the flow with what knowledge you have. That is what this whole mix is about. Since Lilwami didn’t have any time to […]

Spittin’ mad rhymes, blastin’ loud beats, and scratchin’ the turntables on this exclusive Hip-Hop Mix on Lilwami’s Sound Wavez. This collective mix gathers the works of some legendary rappers and producers all the way back from old school hits with The Notorious B.I.G, Big L, Madvillan, Group Home, and Run D.M.C as well as some […]

One genre of music that seems to energize a group of music lovers is essential hard core rock n roll. The qualities of the electric guitar solos, hard hitting drums, and crazy vocals sets the stage for some head banging action. In this mix, Lilwami spins some legendary classical rock bands such as Queen, ACDC, […]

It’s that time of the year! The trees are starting to blossom, the air is getting warmer, the animals are coming out to play, and it’s time for you to enjoy yourself with some bumpin’ tunes. This is a mix for you to especially pump yourself up for the good times with the spring fever […]

One of Lilwami’s favorite genres of music would have to be reggae. His musical background has a high interest in reggae not only for the musicality, but also the loving and peaceful messages the songs bring to one another. Rooting from the country of Jamaica with Rastafarian-ism, reggae has spread widely from the legendary days […]

Jazz has been the essential genre of music that shook the foundation of how music is made today. Syncopation, improvisation, and loud instruments have transformed and evolved music the creativity of sounds. In this mix, Lilwami spins jazz hits all the way back from the 1930’s with Cab Callaway, Early Basie, BBC Big Band Orchestra, […]

A very special mix has been dedicated to this upcoming holiday on Sunday otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. A day of celebrating not only those who are in a loving, committed¬†relationship, but also just a day of celebrating the greatest human emotion love. Love can be given in the little things such as a smile, […]

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