Author: laceymichelle

In this episode we talk about Pixar’s weak attempt of representation with their first openly gay character, how Lacey and Michelle first met, read some of Michelle’s emails, and Degrassi Next Class. We’re all over the place in this one guys.

This is a very special Amine themed episode, if you live in Portland you are legally obligated to listen! We also discuss Jenna Marbles amazing apology videos, twitter getting mad over someone saying “F*** Hitler”, Nikita Dragun’s desperate attempts at attention, and a nice calm Hot Cheeto Bath!

In this episode Lacey and Michelle discuss Charli D’amelio stealing the TikTok dance Renegade from the young upcoming Jaliah Harmon and how this isn’t the first case of White creators stealing from Black creators. Also the YouTuber entitlement of Haley Pham.

We get into the mind of a fifteen year old when my little sister calls in and attempts to explain why she thinks TikTok is “too powerful” (also the Oscars & the broom thing)

we discuss the downfall of the 2009 sitcom, Community, and also #babynut

We talk about the Grammys and Onision

In this episode we discuss TikTok nurses, Liam Payne, and Gabbie Hanna’s poetry.

We discuss the outrage towards Justin Bieber’s Yummy, TikTok trends, and assorted twitter anger and determine whether or not we think it’s worth the hate. (talking doesn’t start until the 8 minute mark)

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