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Love some good upbeat rock beats? Listen in to this post to hear some small artist rocking out like Wild Ire, Swallowed Suns, Dante Elephante and more! Don’t recognize those names? listen it all with the link below

Thawing off after winter break with some good jams. Listen in to hear from special guests Jonah Laduca and Luly Torres talk about some cool music they’ve been listening too around the country!

A day of funk and fusion, sit back and let the stress flow out as you let the music flow through you

Something to get your spirits up before finals and just life in general!

Some songs to jam to that will lighten your day!

First session on air as a dj for KPSU! Listen to the recording through the download link below and start it at 4:40 minutes. Enjoy!


Have a great radio time!

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