Author: Katriona Pratt

This week was dedicated to the world of Cyberpunk 2077

this week was a combination of all my favorite songs from the past few weeks. for my last show of the term we have some chill vibes to study for. i managed to finish all my finals with A’s and i am so relieved. anyway hope everyone has a great summer i hope to continue […]

Had a fun night, felt like playing some of my favorites from the game Cyberpunk 2077. Wonderful game in my opinion and their music just hits differently. Hope you all enjoyed! <3

todays playlist was a jumble of whatever i was feeling. So far it was pretty good week. i enjoyed it.

Todays playlist was more of a wild card selection than a determined theme because I put my larger playlist on shuffle. Just a small selection of what music I have liked since 2015. Overall the combination matched my mood for the day. Midnight thoughts were reeling felt very motivated and exited which is a little […]

Today we had some chill vibes. Wonderland Vibes! Made me think about a lot of stuff. I love when music gets into your head and you build worlds out of lyrics. Mostly instrumentals from different movies we’ve all seen.

Todays playlist was more on the sad side, but I do like more sad music. Might explain my depression lol. No but really some sad songs just hit way better than any happy song could ever. Anyway I hope you guys had a good night <3

First show back since the start of spring term and I’m excited to get back into classes and music! Hope your week is going well. Had some problems the week before with migraines so the playlist I had planned for that session was played today!

Today our play list was rather chill. This playlist was based of a love/hate relationship story I’m writing. I love the dynamic of learning to love someone. We also had a guest/ shadow this time in the studio. We are all shy our first time on the mic so not many words but shes really […]

Today we had a playlist filled with a bunch of acoustic guitars songs, most of which are covers. Some very well known songs made into more relaxing melodies. I needed to work on scholarships while I was in the booth so this is the perfect procrastination playlist to jam all my essay writing into. Had […]

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