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Strange Sounds XIII & XIV featuring special guest Ian Anderson and a selection of his record collection. We play a two hour mix of vinyl: running through some funky sounds from around the world in the first and dipping into some new-age, more atmospheric cuts, in the second. Enjoy!      

Sunday’s double show featured Ryan Yager with me in the studio and we ran through a full two hours of Jazz trios on vinyl! Here are the podcasts: Hour 1: Hour 2: Enjoy!

Hello again, RETURNING with the rest of Flying Basket for a make-up session. Flying Basket is noise jazz from some Japanese artists recorded mastered in 2014 in Berlin (Recorded in Tokyo 2013!) and released in September 2015 under the label Family Vineyards. This week I play the second LP of the double Flying Basket. Featuring Akira Sakata (sax) & Jim O’Rourke […]

Greetings, This week I bring you some noise jazz from some Japanese artists recorded in 2014 in Berlin and released in September 2015 under the label Family Vineyards. I play the first LP of the double Flying Basket. Featuring Akira Sakata (sax) & Jim O’Rourke (guitar) with Chikamorachi (drums) & Merzbow (noise) and with Darin Grey […]

Hello, For today’s show I decided to sweep through a number of random guitarists! Kept it mostly mellow, but with some energy. A sweep through: Acoustic guitarists Alex de Grassi and Segovia, Jazz artists such as Jim Hall and Pat Metheny, to Rock guitarists Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix. A tasty sample plate of guitar! […]

Due to a website crash a few of my posts and past podcasts went missing! Here they are again: Strange Sounds III / March 12th (First Vinyl Show): Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea Mahavishnu Orchestra, the Doors, Zappa and more! Strange Sounds IV / March 19th: Chick Corea’s Leprechaun (for St. Patties), Miles Davis, […]

Hello Listeners, This episode of Strange Sounds takes a different approach! We listen to some classical Music! From Portland born Lou Harrison to Bach on Moog synthesizers (by the artist performing in many Stanley Kubrick productions) we have a taste of various approaches to classical music, all on vinyl. I hope you enjoy! […]

Greetings! I was having so much fun throwing together a mix that I didn’t get to much talking this week. I did not comment on my playlist at all so see below for the list! This week I decided to play some more pop-y strange sounds and then transitioned into some jazz-y stuff, I hope […]

Sub for Soundtracks to Silence the City Asleep with DJ Jacob An all vinyl hour of Herbie Hancock! Featuring a good friend Ben Batten. I don’t know about putting the city to sleep, spinning these records jazzed Ben and I awake! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  

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