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Thanks for tuning in! Vinyl sounds brought to you weekly on the show Strange Sounds w/ DJ Friday! Tune in next week 7-8PM Best wishes for the start of the term and the entrance of Spring, -DJ Friday!

Hello Ears, Doing something a little different tonight. Decided some symphonic music is what I should play! Maybe these highly organized and coordinated sounds can provide a back drop for some crunch time or some quiet reflection… I hope you enjoy! Podcast below: All the best for the weekend and the end of term, DJ […]

Hello Ears, A mellow hour mainly featuring the LP “Fearful” by local band METAL. Seemed suitable for this rainy lethargic evening. Having issues embedding: here is a download link: Keep you wits and wiz about you! Sorry, Mahavischnu was more scratchy than I remembered… Best, DJ Friday

Main show page: here Podcast download link coming soon!

Hello Folks, Making up a few missed hours by coming in on a Sunday evening. Plan to start out in the rock vicinity, throw in some jazz and in the second hour focus on some new-age/electronica (mainly Kitaro) in the second hour! I hope you enjoy! Sorry about the needle sounds, I am working with […]

A mellow hello, Prepare yourself for some free jazz! And tune in now for some fresh vinyl. Enjoy! -DJ Friday

Hello Ears, This is the show Strange Sounds. Friday nights at 7 PM. I hope you enjoy the mix of vinyl I have for you this evening. Thanks to those of you who tuned in! Start at 10″: Second Hour (Download here):   Stay warm and dry and surround yourself with good people […]

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See previous post for full details. Download for second hour contained here!  

This is Strange Sounds An all vinyl show, brought to you from the subbasement of Smith by DJ Friday, Friday nights at 7. Start at 18″ Second Hour (See next post for download) See below for the playlist, -DJ Friday


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