Author: Julia Trujillo

Accompanied by KPSU legendstress, DJ StickieWickie of Satellite Radio Show and our buddy and honorary guest, Sam Shatsky, we play an hour of winter music. We all have very different ideas of what makes a winter song so the playlist is interrupted by periodic debates and borderline arguments as well as call-ins with our listeners–in […]

I play an hour of my favorite synth music! Synthwave and synthpop have varying definitions depending on who you ask. But the synth music I’m play is the kind I would describe as evocative of the future but in the way people from the ‘80s imagined the future. Think heavily influenced by ‘80s action, science-fiction, […]

It’s the point in the term where everything is insane, we’re all overwhelmed, and our brains are on fire–right? It’s not just me? Well, regardless, that’s where I’m at so I play an hour of music you can do your dreaded Sunday tasks and scream along to. Sometimes you need to go a little crazy […]

I play an hour of songs about animals, with some form of animal symbolism, and/or with an animal in the title and analyze the meanings of these animals and their use, looking into the effect this has on us as listeners.

On the first ever episode of Last Words Radio Show, I play an hour of music that has been interpreted as queer in the cultural zeit-geist as well as songs that are gay just to me because I want them to be and I pick apart the lyrics and themes to tell you why!

On October 27th, the Crystal Ballroom was packed with clowns. The sea of fans in their respective versions of jester-inspired face paint were gathered to see The Garden on their Portland stop of their tour supporting their latest album HORSESHIT ON ROUTE 66. The Orange County experimental punk two-piece composed of twin brothers Fletcher and […]

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