Author: Evan Smiley

In this episode we interview Mary Rose, Executive Director of the Friends of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. A historian and professional museum worker, she has a varied career, filled with interesting  jobs in history.   We discussed Mary’s background as an undergraduate at Evergreen State College and a graduate student in Museology at University […]

Get to Know Beyond Footnotes! In this episode, we take a break from interviewing local historians to interview each other about school, work, and Star Trek. Lily Hart is a history major focusing on Indigenous history and public history. When she’s not hosting Beyond Footnotes, Lily works at the Confluence Project and the president of […]

In this episode of Beyond Footnotes we interview Maddie Mott, a PSU history undergraduate and development coordinator at the Clackamas County Historical Society.  This is Maddie’s second time on the show– in winter quarter we interviewed her and her colleague Corinne Rupp  their work at the Clackamas County Historical Society. Recently Maddie had an article […]

In this episode of Beyond Footnotes, we explore the history of the American West through music. Our guest is William Schneider, a second-year graduate student who recently completed his Master thesis “Music and Race in the American West.” We discuss how music is a valuable form of historical analysis, despite being underutilized by historians, and […]

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