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We dress our intentions in sound and call it language. It conceals, makes-up, reveals, conveys, and fills-in. It hints and hones through open windows and telephones Sound leaves us like a stone slipped or thrown through the air to water landing at last among the jumble of similar but unique others carried in the ear’s […]

Don’t get lost [or do] as we check out shoegazers from around the Cascadia bio-region.


January 30, 2020

Songs through the hourglass: a mixtape of musical perspectives on time.

Songs for changing perspective by changing location.

Songs for considering multicultural evolution and musical identities

From partings to startings featuring music released in 2019

Holiday music for the unenthused

Music for scoping scarps

An hour of music from French and Quebecois artists.

November 27, 2019

Musical meditations on what lies between endings and completions.


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