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In this episode we review The Expendables 3, but here’s the catch: we’ve never seen either of the first or second Expendables films. Did it matter? Probably not. Then we review the debut film of Paul Thomas Anderson, Hard Eight (aka Sydney). Find out which one we liked more.

  In this very special episode we talk about the life and career of Nicolas Cage. In preparation we watched a notable amount of the almighty’s films before giving up; for which if we were to continue, we would ascend into the big ‘ole pearly Cage in the sky. Here’s the list of movies we […]

  In this episode we talk about the first two Terminator movies: The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991).

  This episode we discuss The Graduate (1967), starring Dustin Hoffman and directed by Mike Nichols.   What’ll you do when you graduate?

June 20, 2015

    This episode we discuss the 2011 Richard Linklater film “Bernie”- starring Jack Black, Shirley Maclaine, and Matthew McConaughey. We also bring up Linklater’s “Boyhood” while we’re at it. Listen to hear our opinions on both (spoiler: Boyhood isn’t our fave).

  This episode we talk about the delightful romantic comedy Roman Holiday. This was Audrey Hepburn’s first major role and won her the Oscar for that year.

    This episode we talk about the roller coaster masterpiece that is Mulholland Drive. David Lynch is the master of the surreal and here he is at potentially the top of his game. We take the time to discuss how the movie compares with the rest of his filmography (that we’ve seen) and it’s themes. […]

  For this episode we gush over the new film Mad Max: Fury Road. The bar for the action adventure has been set pretty high. WARNING: Contains rambly spoilers.

DJ Red and I discuss a John Hughes classic. Some of the soundtrack included.

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