Author: Garrett Sanders

Since the pandemic, Portland’s hardcore scene has gained what seems to be a resurgence. Our underbelly of angst and deep passion for the mosh was brought out in full force for Show Me the Body at Revolution Hall. In an absolutely stacked ticket for their World War tour including the likes of Zulu (a personal […]

Radio Cool Kids Playlist!! Deep dive into The Strokes, Karen O, The Moldy Peaches and more 🙂

Love Letters playlist, some notes on love…

An Incredibly Playful Playlist, something to romp around to!

B-sides, Demos, Deep-cuts and Rarities This week on Satellite radio I compiled a bunch a songs from the bands I love that go unnoticed. There’s something so sweet about listening to a messy stripped down version on your favorite songs, and I wanted to share that with ya’ll. Lots of 90s alternative and indie as […]

Strange and unsettling playlist rating from 60s music to Death Grips. If you’re looking for a mild scare here’s the link to listen, Link to Playlist!

On last weeks show my friends and I picked out some of our most favorite covers as of late. Link to Playlist!

(sandy)Alex G. I love you so some of my favorite Alex G songs and some music from philly

Mom Music <3 The best of mini-van R&B, Pop, and 80s. Shoutout to my mom, I hope I can be as beautiful as u one day – x Jocelyn

Secrets are a funny thing. Sometimes they can be simple little things we keep to ourselves, or, they could change your life if it ever got out. Magdalena Bay envelops you in their secrets in a dazzling, infectious, and one of a kind live pop experience that I will be thinking of for many years […]

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