Author: Jetta Taylor

Kind of a random assortment of songs that describe how my week went.

This set contains songs that range from light hearted and naive to angsty and a little bit vindictive. 

Are you feeling homesick? Well this is just what the doctor ordered. Listen to this playlist to hear songs that will remind you of what you love the most about home: family, friends, and the feeling of being where you belong.  

November 23, 2015

Join me, DJ Jetta, and my guest Sam as we listen and recollect songs that our dads have taught us to love.

This set contains songs that were featured in some of my favorite TV shows and movies. Some are obscure, and others will be able to be placed right away!

Love everything about the Beatles? Don’t know anything about the Beatles? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then this set is for you! Starting with the Beatles early days and taking you through their timeline all the way to some of the solo work post-breakup.

It’s the day after Halloween, are you feeling a bit groggy? Yeah, me too. This set of songs is headache compatible.

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