Author: Josephine Claus

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here it is, the thirteenth show of Upside-Down Underground! Started off with “I’m Not Comin to Your Party Girl” by 3OH!3 because we aren’t going to their party, were going to an Irish party to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Played some Celtic Punk and a few alternative songs for my sis; […]

Here it is, folks! The twelfth edition of Upside-Down Underground and we had a fever! Our fever began with us hearing the voices of some lovely ladies moving into a downward spiral towards a swing beat. We heard a story about teamwork and got more onto the swing of it. Once the fever subsided we felt like […]

Here it is my loyal following, the eleventh edition of Upside-Down Underground! I know, hold the applause until the end. This week we went with more of an Irish punk vibe to begin with and the played some music from “O Brother, Where Art Thou” and “The Hobbit,” I blame Johnny Cash for encouraging that […]

And here it is, the tenth edition of Upside-Down Underground! I had fun with this one, played some stuff I heard when I was growing up and what reminded me of my parents! Enjoy!

Es ist da! Here is the ninth edition of Upside-Down Underground! A variety of alternative, some post-hardcore, and punk was played. I feel like there was a bit of a folk/countyish twang but I am not sure I can prove it… Enjoy!

Another week, another show, here it is, the eighth edition of Upside-Down Underground, you are so welcome.  Have I put enough commas in the first sentence? Remnants from previous, unfished playlists were played and classic punk. Thank you for listening, hope your midterms did not kill you, enjoy.

Alright, here is the seventh edition! Did this show on Monday because campus was closed on Friday– yay winter! I blame the groundhog. Had some residual songs from the week before last and then just a mix of some alternative. Enjoy!

Here it is! We had some technical difficulties this week and I was reminded of how important tech people are; our tech director saved me! Had a variety of post-hardcore songs, started with Young the Giant because DJ J-Bop (All the Singles, Ladies) did an interview with Francios Comtois at 12:30 (check out his page […]

Here it is! The fifth edition of Upside-Down Underground! My dear, loving sister saved my bacon and put together this playlist, save one song, for me because I saw Janet Mock the night before! exercise  your free speech and be thankful for it.

Here is the fourth edition on a snow day!! My sister (DJ Renamed) helped me put together this playlist. I added 5 of my own, the rest are hers! And I had a special introduction just for my brother, what a party. Hope the snow isn’t too much to handle but we shall prevail!