Author: Jacob Mecham

This week we talk about gun violence and community defense; who will protect you when the police won’t. You can catch future podcasts at

This week we talk about environmental justice, and it does get a little heated. If you want to watch the podcasts live you can check them out at and you can find past, unedited, vods at the Youtube channel of the same name

This podcast was streamed live at my twitch channel,, and then edited down to the main points as well as an hour long segment (Original VOD is about an hour and a half). This week we talked about Health Systems in the US and how we think it could be improved.

Switching over to a more podcast-esque format with internet friends. Talking about the election. Streamed live on Saturdays at

Playin music and not talking at all.

Tripping over a script I’ve said hundreds of times and doing a midterm.

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!

There is no Budget Crisis at PSU; went over how the Board of Trustees is not trustworthy.

Had some new music and talked about Bolivia.

Normal day; played music, wrote essays.

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