Author: Jackson Jones

On the 4th episode of the Parrhesia Podcast, your host Jackson Jones speaks with Gitanjali Sterling about comic books and graphic novels as an educational medium. Gita Sterling is a sociology undergrad at PSU and is a member of¬†The Wellness and Health Action Team where she has been applying the concept of comics in education […]

On this episode of Parrhesia, Jackson Jones and Kyle Larson discuss the Best Picture nominees for the 2018 Academy Awards. Time stamps for each movie are provided below so feel free to skip to the time provided to get our thoughts on a specific film! Shape of Water- 3:50 Lady Bird- 6:15 Darkest Hour- 9:20 […]

A discussion of the Iranian Revolution with Kaveh Negahbani, the descendant of a family who fled Iran during the revolution in 1979. We cover the timeline of the revolution, discuss the impact on the culture of Iran, and hear the story of Kaveh’s family as they fled to country and started new lives in the […]

On the first episode of Parrhesia, your host Jackson Jones and special guest Kyle Larson review¬†Guillermo del Toro’s latest film The Shape of Water.

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