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On Wednesday night indie DIY band Girlpool kicked off their tour at the Wonder Ballroom in northeast Portland. A few weeks before the tour Girlpool announced, in an interview with Pitchfork, that this will be their Farewell Tour saying, “this upcoming tour will be our last one—it will be an ode to the past, a […]

Chaotic as usual! Recovering from a throat infection but it made my voice sound sexy 😛

Fun week with Ethan and Kryston shadowing! Also thanks to Carter from Neon Demon for stopping by!

S2 Episode 8 Played a fun game with prizes… DJ 3-in-1 did surprisingly well some bonus AMSR

The whole gang! Thanks for hanging with me in the studio. Song picks by Bella, Aedin, Genna and DJ 3-in-1

Getting ready to see the fam and eat way too much food! 11/26/19

Just me!

Another week of hanging out with good music. Special shout out to my mom!! HAPPY BDAY YOU AMAZING LADY <3


November 9, 2019

Joined again by DJ Rack! Lots of fun, chaotic chatter and some emotional release.

First Show! Thanks for listening 🙂

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