Author: DJ Jadley

I’m late to the posting game, but this Monday on Prozac for Cats, DJ Jadley gets excited for treefort! I played tunes from bands I’ve seen at treefort 2015, treefort 2016 and even from the up and coming 2017 lineup. Get pumped boys. So come on in and listen to some cool music. (also hey like […]

Today on Prozac for Cats, I photo shopped kale onto this heil satan dog, made it to nine WhOLe listeners, and played some spicy songs for my mom. Feel free to use this image ALL the time.

This week on Prozac for Cats DJ Jadley reminds you that hating your mom is a-okay! Feel free to listen on in if this isn’t a phase. I played some cool stuff like Modern Baseball, AJJ and The Frights.  

In this episode, DJ Jadley doesn’t do her homework while playin some greasy tunes, listen in boys!!

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