Some oldies and slower jams for today’s show, feels right since we almost hit 80º today.

Happy first day of Pride (and the end of Spring Term)! I had to kick the month off with some Diana Ross and Donna Summer today.

Some happy love songs and some sad love songs; something for everyone!

Covering for Penny Dreadful today, played a mix of Latin alt rock and indie songs, felt right for the weather today.

Some house, funk, and disco for today. I was going for a Studio 54 vibe but I gotta tweak the playlist a little more.

Some disco and funk to lighten up the mood after a rough winter. Now featuring: Donna Summer!

Covering the hour for Vicky’s ‘Guitar Shop’. Another round of 90s and 00s hits because why not?

Some 90s – 2000s hits for the hour for the sake of nostalgia. A lot of self titled albums from this era of RnB songstresses!

Some oldies, some funky tunes, and for today’s show.

Jose (Funk ‘n’ Junk) covered this show.

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