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get ready to knock your socks of with these extra-fantastically, tubular and swanky medley of tunes! have a superb day all! thanks for giving the show your love ♡ *Awesome Music Fest in LA* This links takes you to the poster for 2016 I mentioned on the show!

sail beyond your ordinary day with these fine fine jams. classic rock, contemporary remix, you won’t get bored with this box of delicious musical treats. have a lovely day!!!!

Be ready for a hand clappin good time fine folks. Get some speed with this playlist and enjoy the eb and flow of these lyrical cruisers. Also you’ll observe there is some Ocean’s Thirteen sound on here. I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED. And delightful news is that there’s a new, all female Ocean’s coming out this […]

hello folks! today is a special day. a day to love on yourself and treat it up! have a great one and may this playlist be your partner in crime and in delightful adventure and snuggling!

Great scott!! I beat the 2018 flu guys!!! It was a week and a half of living in the pits of this world, but I came out victorious and here I am! And I got my cast off! Wahoo!! This playlist really encapsulates my excitement of living a fever free, sunny, good mental state of […]

It’s Wednesday baby corn kernels!!! Dive into this delicious slice of cornbread and relax your mind, body, and especially those hard worked ears to some of these zesty fine tracks. $$$ CORN CORN CORN $$$

a moody medley to encapsulate what’s up with me! we’ve got some uplifting ones and some jammin ones and some quiet and calm ones. badda bing badda boom enjoy!

This weekend I was in Eugene, Oregon and came across SO MANY DUCKS. This is what it felt like, but I was in the middle of them and they wanted my handful of seeds like no other! This one goes out to the ducks in the world for keeping it REAL.


November 20, 2017

Want something irresistibly catchy to wake you up after your meal of Turkey or Tofurkey or even Honey Ham? Grab your slice of pie to go and get ready for the time of your life at the Doug Fir listening to the hip-hoppity jives put on by the awe-striking Baio! The first time I heard […]

Fluff darts= bats! And bats are pretty rad. And so is this excellent playlist!! Got some Smokey Motel (maybe there are bats in smokey motels, I would think so), we’ve got Cotton Jones (bats loooove to hang out in cotton) and also some Out Lines (the most famous outline of them all! the bat!). *Pop […]

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