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It’s the House of Sarcasm #4 – “Lady Music Makers of Portland” edition.  These womxn-fronted bands were all found through a facebook group called “Lady Music Makers of Portland.”  Today’s show was a little more mellow than usual.  Hopefully it can help you de-stress from finals and glide into a groovy spring break! Here are […]

The House of Sarcasm #3 featuring more local rock bands from Portland, Oregon! Check out your local bands!  Here are some upcoming events featuring a few of the bands I played today: Saint Patrick’s Day with TRIBE OF THE OUTCAST, THE DECLINERS, LOS VAMONOS, THE WEIRD KIDS, March 17 Garage Park Hootenanny with the Sellwoods, […]

The House of Sarcasm – Portland Rock Bands – Show #2   Here are the events I mentioned on today’s show:   King Ghidora/Slutty Hearts, March 10 The Vernor Pantoms/Mink Shoals/The Cool Whips, March 10 Bad Eggs/The Furies/Suicide Notes, March 14 Chris Newman Deluxe Combo/Jack London Trio/Gin & Tillyanna, March 24    

Local rock from Portland! Hi, I’m Christine and this is my first radio show. The place where I live is called the House of Sarcasm and is home to an annual Halloween party featuring local rock and punk bands.   My plan is to play these bands on KPSU along with other local groups I have […]

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