Author: Janet

October 12, 2018

Meaty– Oct. 4, 2018 image from Kendra Yee the 1 show of the quarter lots of new-ish-ly released music; what we’ve been listening to on break from psu; what we’ve been listening to now that we’re back. and we’re excited to be back! and hey, don’t miss out on cool music and community things happening […]

  janet says: if April was poetry month what is May?   cody: lately I finally feel like I’ve found good things and I don’t want to leave them behind. Things go so fast and I want to take the time to appreciate the space in between. There are so many good things. I shouldn’t […]

How much coffee is too much? If I get headaches on mornings I don’t drink coffee does that mean I should stop? Coffee pros: caffeine! antioxidants. improves memory? immortality. it tastes good! Coffee cons: caffeine (haahhahah anxiety). yellows teeth. lots of acid, is that bad for my stomach? dehydrating… $$$ This process was misleading, I’m […]

Cody’s out tonight. It’s just me and it’s like, sad and cold in here and I’m hungry. This is it, I’m really hungry. Happy poetry month!  

Xenia Rubinos/Donuts/Sam/Dog walkin & walk-walkin/Concrete river bed/Orangesss/Hiroshi Yoshimura –a rough summary of our Spring breaks (title included)   Cody’s note for the week: PAN-opticon isn’t stopping you from standing on the table in the middle of class (above image: diagram of the panopticon, designed by Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century) I tried to […]

Cody experienced acrylic nails called “hazelnuts” and tom asked us to make a perfect city so I took the sun for myself. — em — leah, audrey, cody Good Luck on ur finals <3 thanks nüffer and em for blessing us with your silky voices and songs (also that green turtleneck)

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