Hi, all! Regular air time for The Afternoon Mix during fall term at PSU was Mondays at 1 PM! THINGS HAVE CHANGED!! My class schedule no longer permits this particular timing, but I’m working on figuring a new show time out VERY SOON! 🙂 For now, enjoy the rest of KPSU radio. <3

The Christmas Mix, Pt. II This week I went with a more subtle flavor of Christmas: a more wintery, December-focused vibe for finals. Enjoy the break and good luck!

The Christmas Mix, Pt. I Kicking off December with the first of four Christmas mixes! I have a giant playlist which has over 70 songs in total that I love to listen to on shuffle during the holiday season. It’s my ultimate collection of “the best of xmas” and includes classic Christmas music, country Christmas […]

The Study Mix (Angsty Version) Finals are fast approaching at PSU!! These relaxed tempos and alternative tunes are sure to get you focused and in the mood to study–while also being fun enough to sing along or smoke to. 😉

The Listener Mix This week’s playlist is 100% inspired by YOU!! I went through your comments on the KPSU website looking for any song recommendations and simply compiled them here. There were so many good picks that I’ll have to do a part two. 🙂 If you love classic rock anthems, this one is for […]

The Henry Mix <3 If you are looking for *love song* inspiration, this is the mix for you! Anyone in a long distance relationship knows that you have to get creative to show your affection. Enjoy this week’s playlist made from songs that make me think of my own long-distance boyfriend, Henry. 🙂

The Post-Midterm Mix Featuring classic upbeat hits from the 70s and slow jams from the 60s, this playlist is perfect for relaxing after an intense study session. Enjoy my second show on air! : )

The Halloween Mix It’s the week before Halloween! Get hyped and festive with popular hits and lesser-known bangers of the season. Enjoy my first show on air!

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