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Roxy Music was active in the early 1970’s and through the 1980’s with Bryan Ferry leading the group. Brian Eno was in the group for the first two albums on synthesizers and tapes. Guitarist Phil Manzanera, and woodwind extraordinaire Andy Mackay remained in the group for a majority of the albums. Roxy Music was ahead […]

Starting in the late 1970’s, Elvis Costello has released many pop rock albums. This mix has songs from some of his popular albums.

This week, I started a little later and took a bunch of minimal pop for Soft or Smooth. Artists like Oppenheimer Analysis, Deux, and many others were played. Most recordings fell between 1980 and 1984. Download to listen if you missed it!

This week’s focus is Electric Light Orchestra! Headed by the genius of Jeff Lynne, ELO produced many albums starting from lo-fi and transitioning to opi of symphonic rock.

March 8, 2017

Listen to a playlist featuring XTC, Electric Light Orchestra, and a couple of rare groups. One of which being the Russian Synth-Pop group know as Forum. The other is a little-known group that only released a single and an EP in 1983 and, later, several unreleased tracks were put into a compilation for everyone to […]

Adult/Album Oriented Rock (AOR) and Melodic Rock from the mid-1980’s. Incredibly catchy hooks, one-liners, and tons 80’s nostalgia.

This week’s show consists of lots of boogie and funk with a hint of disco. Ronnie Laws, Change, New Edition and many more made their way into this week’s mix.

Even though this music was never meant to top the charts, it is nostalgic and innovative for its time. Bruton Music features production artists like Brian Bennett, Alan Hawkshaw

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