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in this episode, the hosts get up to some whacky antics when the musical guests get canceled due to sickness. The game “Will’s Album Roulette” is invented and played on air. Also, the theme this week is acoustic music! Enjoy! -will

in this episode of big things, hosts odp, will and mason mimi had guest Morgan Morrison on with them for a theme of “songs we have stories behind,” so you get to hear a whole range of teenage storied songs, storied songs from the beginning of our friendships, and emotionally charged songs for us. also! […]

in this episode of big things, local Portland organization No! To Rape Culture joined hosts mason mimi, odp and will for an interview! We got to hear about how the organization came to be, what rape culture is, and a bit about what’s coming up for the organization. the playlist theme was revenge, with some […]

in this episode of big things hosts mason mimi, odp and will chose songs from the early 2000’s (2000-2005) and got to reminisce about their late childhoods and teen years. guest jo swartz-larson joined the show for a hotseat where we did a couple rounds of the “get to know your friends” game (similar to […]

In this episode of big things local pdx band Longclaw came on for an in-studio performance! After the performance hosts mason mimi and odp interviewed the members of the band and got to find out the truly divisive facts- like which sandwich fillings are best. We also got to hear how the band came to […]

in this episode of big things hosts will, mason mimi and odp started off a new year of shows! each host picked songs exclusively out of their birth year (with will being born in 1994, mason mimi being born in 1995 and odp being born in 1996). get ready for another year of big things!

  it’s the last big things show of 2016! this show features a year in review playlist, featuring songs we would have played in past playlists had we been able to have curse words in the songs (safe harbor hours are enabled in this special midnight show!), and there’s also some christmas songs at the […]

in this episode, mason mimi and will did a show together in which each song in the playlist followed a number pattern and the hosts talked a bit about their fall terms and about the big things domain name. in addition, we got two call-ins from olivia denise pace!

this episode of big things featured a very radical playlist, as well as a very radical guest! Emma Whestell joined mason mimi, will and odp to talk about the recent elections, liberalism, and radicalism. listen in for some great ideas from four radicals, as well as a great playlist featuring 2pac, the dixie chicks, the […]

in this episode of big things, hosts will, mason mimi and odp picked some random love songs to play, for those who have had romantic love, family love, friend love, or even just saw a movie with some love in it.

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