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“A mouse is miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels”- Tiger Cub Click and listen here to find out what this awesome podcast is all about.

Joshua Justice gives us an eerie and mysterious playlist of songs that include UFO’s, gloomy sunday’s and dawning choruses. Check it out here

Softrocker of Electric Drizzle welcomes Dj Sensio (aka Sensimilla) from Dallas, TX, who blesses us with his most recent crop of 80s R&B on wax. Click here to listen.

1) Electric Drizzle: New Horizons-July 17 A mellow electronic trance mix that resemble the sounds and feels of a new horizon.  2) Objet Petit A: Blankstairs Presents: White Visitation -July 12 A featured podcast promoting White Visitation, Derivatives, ASSS, and more. 3) Learning to Grow: Biology Of The Mind With Benjamin Rakela-OHSU Neuroscience PHD Candidate– July […]

KPSU and DJ Mandrews of The Uncanny Valley bring you a new show that plays classical music and other relevant goodies. Click here and enjoy the premiere odyssey from Friday, July 24th.

Kuroma were recently on tour with national touring bands Tennis and Tame Impala. Our very own DJ, Serg aka Backyardmango, got a chance to catch up and chat with the band when they were in town supporting Tame Impala. The band discuss influences on the new record, college radio, Tame Impala, and of course, Portland. […]

1) The Juice Wisdom and Vibes Hour: Nourishing & Enriching Lives-June 3rd Juice & Jazmyn talk about Victor’s Dining Hall on campus at PSU. *Warning, this show contains:hard-hitting facts, hot-takes, and real GENUINE 2) Objet Petit A: Blood Room/Seagrave Records mix– June 7th Blood Room co-runs Seagrave Records, a UK-based label specialising in electronic music. This selection is comprised […]

A 55er that compliments the feel of summer. Triple digits, a heater in your face-not cool. It’s that feeling of a mid-day summer nap under the cool AC breeze, a fresh dip into the lake, or a stride amongst the ocean swells- just snooze, bring the booze, and hang loose. This is a mental escape that […]

An entire mix dedicated to the Mid-Westerner, Sufjan Stevens. KPSU dives into his catalog and explores the sounds and emotion of the man himself. Check out more KPSU Sufjan here.

May was month #2 of KPSU being on our new shiny spiffy web platform, and these were the episodes of podcasts that got the most attention on our site … find out why by checking them out! 1) Are You Sure That’s Punk? – May 7 One of the things that we love most about […]

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