Author: Ayelen

In this episode, we have a new guest: Andrea from Italy. He will share with us the songs that keep him connected to his country. I hope you all enjoy it=!   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EP. 5!

In this episode, Kaushambi, and international student from India, will join us again to talk about the Indian Celebration, Holi. I hope you all like the music and enjoy the show!   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EP. 4!

Hello everyone and thank you so much for being part of This is ICSP! In the episode today, we’ll have the amazing guest Kaushambi Gujral from India. She’ll take us to the different Indian cultures through music, and I can assure you, you’ll end up dancing to these songs along with us. I hope you […]

Today, we are going to dive into happy songs that I listen to when I’m homesick, and It reminds me of my country. Homesick is not only a physical place but the memories that you build around them. I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome to “This is ICSP” ICSP stands for International Cultural Service Program. A show run by international students. In this episode, the host, Ayelen Enclusa, introduce songs from her culture, Argentina. I hope you enjoy it!   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO Ep. 1!

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