Author: Anna Ross

Let’s discuss The Midnight Gospel while listening to some trippy tunes! EDIT: Episode 4 of TMG is called “Blinded By My End” not soul bird *facepalm*

Lament with me over my canceled trip to Ireland and listen to some travelin tunes. Don’t worry, it will be fun. Also, a new intro and outro for yinz!

I found my iPod from 2005. Let’s have a listen!

I got the tunes figured out! I express some thoughts about technology and communication while listening to the wonderful guitarist, Estas Tonne!

Welcome back to The Cocktail Hour! Things have changed, and adapt we must. I am recording from home and can’t seem to figure out how to play/record music without it sounding terrible. So, let’s have a chat! I gab about what I’ve been doing in isolation, attending classes online, and offer some thoughts on this […]

I don’t talk about a whole lot tonight, but I do play some dang good jazz tunes!

Let me tell you all about my past week while listening to some modern rock by The Amazons and Dirty Honey!

Come hear all about my grueling group project, French singer Zaz, and jazzy band Lake Street Dive!

Join me for all the gab about my new apartment and some good instrumental beats!

Join me for some rustic folkish tunes and the usual word vomit.

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