Author: Jam of the Week

I’ve been sick with covid for the past week, just tested negative yesterday. Very busy with schoolwork and don’t have a playlist ready, so I’m going to be playing my sisters playlist, which I really like. She has given me permission.

This weeks Jam is lingonberry, for 2 reasons. lingonberry jam looks kinda lumpy and black and you don’t know what it really should taste like when you thing of it. There are some songs this week that give a weird lumpy black feeling, and it’s hard to place how they make you feel. ┬áspelling Lingonberry […]

This week, I’m covering for another show, so here’s an extended version of this jam. These songs should taste like the homemade jams forgotten in the back of grandmas pantry.

This week I have a zesty playlist that reminds me of orange marmalade found in the back of grandmas pantry.

This week, I have many different genres of songs playing, and I have another friend, Batool, in the station with me.

This week we showcase songs that emulate blueberry jam. I’m here with my friend Ramses this time, and we chat about whatever comes to mind.

Solstice and I play jams that remind me of pear jam, and talk about the pros and cons of feeding squirrels, and debate about whether we should.

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