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Back to the grind everyone!!! But before we dive head first into work, school, assignments, chores and general responsibilities, join us for a cup of tea for a bit of conversation and dance to relish narrating our end of year festivities.

Long live college radio!!! A celebration to all free-form radio stations everywhere, for all the radio jockeys who pour their soul out into the mic for the pure pleasure of sharing their music joy with others. For all those experiencing life-transforming live concerts and for the melomaniacs who bring that magic back unto the airwaves […]

Bring the bass down!! Three wonderful singjays of the night are bringing us the baadest of tunes, women teaching us who knows how to dance best. Hailing from opposite oceanic ends of the globe (Jamaica, Colombia and Iran respectively) but with equal warmth in their hearts, tonight is their night to get us breaking it […]

Welcome, below is a special coverage of Boogie Pachanguero at the Star Theater: Good evening everyone! We’re here this Saturday, November 23rd, at the Star Theater in downtown Portland. The show begins with Bang Data, a three piece outfit blaring in Spanish-language tunes from the Bay Area. Their music is a pure jolt of energy […]

Tonight, we have a special visiting guest!! They are exposing their best tunes in their home language, teaching us about the world out there. Joining them is an artist from the house, showing how we may be far apart in distance, but musically we are all one family.

On this charming Tuesday evening, KPSU studios hosted the artist Black Pool for a session of music and conversation. Black Pool is an artist from Long Beach, California, exposing some of the latest and sharpest song-writing in the area. He played a set of eight songs, all bound to show on his upcoming studio release. […]

Good evening dear folks! KPSU is proud to host the artist Black Pool on Tuesday November 12th for a special in-studio session. We invite everyone to join for a seance of acoustic laying down musicality. Black Pool is an artist from Long Beach, California. Self-described as a music vagabond, his music stretches from 2017, so […]

Dark and sweaty night for everyone!! Let your spirits roam free as these three artists spew out tunes to shake, wiggle, and storm through the night. Let your inner beast out and crash onto the dance floor.

Keep it close and tight everyone!. This is to all those dances that lead us to the end (or beginning) of the night. Those songs that are a magnet between love birds and a thrust of wind to search more comfortable postures. The songs where the dance-floor becomes a never-ending twisting turntable and the only […]

Lovely afternoon my people! Joining us this evening are three artists, all from different time (60’s to today) and geographical (Portland, OR to Brazil) spaces, to delight us in relaxation. It is a setlist to put us at ease, to reflect on the day that just passed and appreciate all we have around us. 

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