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Corona-Boogie #2!!!One more edition of your favourite underground but always present musical caravan. Today, a special on the early transgressor roots of the synth world, pure new wave and techno hailing from the 70’s until now. Dance your spirits away!

Boogie Pachanguero is back!!Coronavirus edition to get us all grooving on this lovely start of the week. Let’s dance!!

Tracing back our roots! The caravan this week is delving deep into our jungles, exploring the languages of our ancestors and of those who were here before us. We wish to bring back to you a reference point in the language of the land and a vision of how this mother-tongue keeps fighting to stay […]

Rockin time!!!! Tonight its “Rock en Español”, that genre emerging from the spanish-speaking lands, from the southern tip of the Patagonia, traversing the Andes and Amazon forest, throughout the Central Americas and finishing up in the Iberian peninsula. 

Tonight, we will survive exams, projects, assignments, heartbreaks, bankruptcies, disappointments, illness, …. We will survive it all!!!!

An out-loud cry for all!! Good evening to tonight’s march through musical territory. The artists joining are here to raise our voice and remind those who govern, who hold the power, that we also have a voice. It is a voice, peaceful but loud, that reminds our consciousness that we are not alone in the […]

For the love of the game!! A little playlist to get ourselves pumped for some exercise, in the best way only the game of soccer can. Let’s get that round freckly ball rolling with some tunes to celebrate this lovely sport. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!

High School night!!! This set is for all up and coming young ones to teach what is good in life. Since we are so old and mature at the Pachanguero caravan, tonight let’s allow the new generation to take over and spill some of that infectious energy, passion and naiveness into the musical world. Take […]

A chant to nature! A small but emotional night with our environment, the one that gives us beauty to admire every lovely day on this planet. All love for Pachamama!

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