Author: Sir Helmet

We’ve made it!!!! A little recap of this amazing journey, through all the musical lands we’ve discovered this term. All thanks to you, our amazing listeners, and keep the pachanguero going!

The heat is on! Get yourself looking fly but fresh and power your gaze across the tropical wavelengths of the dance floor. Salsa, bachata, merengue and reggaeton are all the service you’ll need. A bailar mi gente! Sobredosis — Romeo Santos feat Ozuna — GoldenBoogaloo Supreme —- Victor Manuelle, Wisin — Boogaloo SupremeTu vida en […]

Wake up my peoples! Let’s join the busy early grind workers of our everyday lives, playing some music to celebrate that we get to see another beautiful morning rise. Cheer on!

Welcome to this Wednesday matinee! Un placer tenerlos en esta funcion cinematografica en tono de musica. El paseo de hoy, nos va a llevar por las esquinas mas reconditas del mundo musical creado por el cine clasico mexicano. Vamos a pasearnos por clasicos inolvidables y joyas aun por descubrir. A su salud, querida audiencia!

Howdy y’all!! A little compilation of home-grown country tunes coming your way. It is a bit of an extra sweet pill to swallow, but country has some smooth tracks to get us in the mood!

Greetings world citizens! We’d like to use this musical space as a tribute to all the artists we’ve lost during the COVID season. It is a mix to honour their musical genius, the emotions they stir within us, to let them rest in that gentle night and trust in the generations that remain. In Memoriam!

Everybody jump to the disco! This week’s trip is an antology of the reggaeton rhythm, the one burning our ears and busting those hips for over two decades now. Puro perreo!

Jah lives!! Today, let’s give a look on what’s new on the reggae frontier. These tough jamz are out there burning speakers and we’re gonna tap into them vibes to get our day started. Keep on jammin!!!!

The full carnal, sensual, groovying pleasure of “After Hours” comes in fully experiencing its chart-breaking singles. “Alone again”, the song opening the set list, captures the listeners attention with its droning synthesizer lines, following the one-liner expressed by The Weeknd. It also injects us into this world of 80’s-90’s sounds brought to today’s bouncy tracks […]

All aboard the morning caravan to Brazil!! Today, we are doing a small tour of the South-American giant, from Sao Paolo to Brasilia, Rio to Belo Horizonte… A danzar!

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