Author: Alysa Velez

We are back for our first show on this fine spring term. I’m a week late to upload but here it is now! Peep our next show tomorrow from 3-4pm pacific northwest time at <3 thanks for stopping by and have a good day (:

Hey what’s up, Lindsey was out of town this week so I made a playlist  with the help of some friends and my mom! Hope everyone had a good sprang break and is ready for the next term 🙂 thanks for listening <3

Happy women’s day!!! This week Lindsey and I bring you a playlist rife with alternative electronic music and as always, some really old songs we hope everyone can groove along to 🙂  

Hello everyone. Thank you for listening to our show. We were experiencing some technical difficulties with our first song and are sorry about that. We’ve also been having an issue with the timer in the studio so there is a one minute delay and had to cut our last two songs short. If you want to […]

Hey, Salmon For Dinner here with a brand new mix of random songs we enjoy and hope you do too! XD #rawr #random (Scrub to 1  minute and 15 seconds to get the good stuff unless you enjoy the automix’s fiddle music)  

Another eclectic playlist brought to you by Lindsey Resignato and Alysa Velez. This week we got off to a bit of a late start  and had to cut the show short by a couple of songs so if you fast forward the track to 3 minutes and 56 seconds, that’s when Salmon for Dinner comes […]

We just really love to play music our parents can get down to. Hope everyone else can get down too 🙂

Welcome to our first show of this icy winter term! We present you with an eclectic playlist of excellent dancey songs! Thank you all for listening and supporting Salmon for Dinner <3

This week we played some of our favorite R&B songs! I was not able to embed the SounCloud link like I usually do because if you want to add more than three hours of content to a SoundCloud account, you have to upgrade the account; no thanks SoundCloud, try again! Listen to our show by […]

Lindsey and I are still learning the ropes but we have the some great songs for this weeks show! I’d say we’re also getting a better grasp of what we are doing with the show: Salmon for Dinner= funky fresh jams 🙂

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