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It’s no secret the writing team* over here at Hâ–²UN┼OLOGY

Here are ten of the best (in my opnion) albums of the year, and three of the best EPs of the year! Hopefully you hear something you like, and if you do be sure to support the artist! … And my show because I play stuff like this, Wednesdays at 9 🙂 Edit: I was […]

Tune into ’80s Obsesso’ this Wednesday, 8am, for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see 80s band, OMD, at the Wonder Ballroom on Saturday October 1st. Or be one of the first to email us at: [email protected] with the subject line ‘OMD’ to be entered into a random drawing to win a […]


September 21, 2011

Hello, this is Christian and my radio show ‘Charlie Sheen’ is back, tonight (Wednesday) at 9PM. I was out of town all Summer but I am back, and I will be playing my favorite Summer jams! It will be loaded with the best songs (imo) this Summer!


September 14, 2011

Here’s to starting a new term at school and happily welcoming the fall season!

Every Wednesday night DJ Tuff Gnarly aka KPSU’s Hogwash plays POSTPUNKWAVEROCKMUSIC from 10:45-Close at The World Famous Kenton Club in North Portland

We are on hiatus this week and we’ll return next Wednesday, Sept. 7th, at 8am, with a show focusing on “Rock Dinosaurs”.

We all know about the big hits from 1980s movie soundtracks: Power of Love or Don’t You Forget About Me, for example. But this week on ’80s Obsesso’we dusted off some of the more underground, forgotten and underrated 80s movie soundtrack tunes, like the ones in the videos below. Download show here Playlist here

This week on ’80s Obsesso’ we played some classic and not so classic tunes from 1980s bands that are currently on tour somewhere in the world. Download show here Playlist here Here’s when some of these artists will be in the Portland area: Hall and Oates – Sep 3 – Schnitz Motley Crue and Poison […]

Our theme this week on ’80s Obsesso’ is solo artists with 80s output that weren’t nearly as successful as the bands they fronted or were members in. Download show here Playlist here


Have a great radio time!

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