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This week we focused our sights on some great bassists from the 1980s including Mick Karn, Dave Allen and John Taylor Playlist and download link here

Jake Rose and I have decided to hang it up at KPSU. Its been a fun ride since I started in 2006, and I wholeheartedly thank all our regular listeners for your support. But never fear, ’80s Obsesso’ lives on! We will be posting a weekly podcast to our blog at: So far, we’ve […]

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish concert at the Wonder Ballroom. Unfortunately I was having some car trouble, so I arrived at the show a tad late. I was unable to catch the first band, but I did listen to tail end of Lionize’s set. They […]

I interviewed Big Troubles about two months ago, and I’m playing the interview on my show in two minutes! Check it out!

It is finally the end of 2011 and tonight – Wednesday December 7th – at 9PM(pst), I will play tracks from my favorite 26 albums of the year. Tonight I will play tracks from the first thirteen albums on my list, and next week I will play the top thirteen albums on my list. Unfortunately, […]

Here at the secret* hauntology lair the crack team of “Magic Trees! Pagan Axes!” bloggers are busy scouring the internet to bring you the lighter side of black metal, we promise not all of us are satan loving, misanthropic nerds.** That said, some stereotypes have their basis in reality, for instance black metal and veganism […]


November 2, 2011

Shine Delphi and Nathan Riviera bring lively music via steel guitar and accordion to the KPSU studios on That Live Show. Check out the podcast:

Yesterday, on 80s Obsesso we caught up with the punks of the 70s to see what they were up to in the 80s. Download the show here! Playlist here!

It’s that time again kidz, the weather is turning, everything is pumpkin flavored, and kids around the country are dressing up like idiots. That’s right it’s almost Christmas. Also halloween is Monday. So whether you and all your super cool friends are going to be out partying, or like me, you will be sitting at […]

This morning on ’80s Obsesso’, we played only the finest in 1980s Halloween themed songs (well, all the finest except Ghostbusters!) Download today’s show here! Playlist here!

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