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Have you been searching for new music to no avail?! Will I am here to help you! I recommend everyone check out Anoice’s latest LP called “The Black Rain”. [img=] This 6 piece post rock band from Tokyo has been making music since 2004. This is possibly one of the saddest post-rock albums I have […]

I am covering for Ben’s show “Ballot Result” tonight, which is every Wednesday at 8PM! Then, I am doing my show “Charlie Sheen” at 9PM (like always). Tune in for 2 straight hours of good music! Gonna be playing some new stuff that I am digging, as well as some krautrock, post rock, and The […]


May 17, 2012

I am posting to let you guys know I have re-upped on a lot of new music – both new to me and new in general! If there was ever a good time to tune into my show, it would be in the coming weeks. 🙂 My show is called “Charlie Sheen” every Wednesday at […]


April 2, 2012

The Glamour Kills tour last Sunday at The Hawthorne Theatre. Into It. Over It. is an acoustic project by the very talented Evan Thomas Weiss. Personable as always, he started the show out on the right foot with his passionate and lively music. He played a short set, but held the audience’s attention all throughout. […]

I will be covering for DJ Tinysweater’s show “People are People” today – Monday, March 12th at 1PM(pst)! Also, I will still be doing my show “Charlie Sheen” at it’s regular time, Wednesdays at 9PM. Listen in, it should be good 🙂 [img=]


February 21, 2012

You should pay attention to this girl. She’ll be on your radar this year regardless if you want her there or not.


February 16, 2012

If Iggy Azalea isn’t on your radar, she should be.

One last reminder before we go off gently into that good night: 80s Obsesso isn’t on KPSU anymore, but our weekly podcast can be heard on our website BY CLICKING HERE This weeks 80s Obsesso podcast is available: favorite remixes from the 1980s!! Download here

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