Author: amy crebs

  This week I wanted to do another themeless show, but this time, my friend Ruby co-hosted with me as well as made the playlist with me through Spotify’s collaborative playlist feature! Ruby had the idea to add to the playlist throughout our work days. The final verdict of the vibes were “strung out.” We […]

This show was themeless, in part because I was busy and in part because I was burnt out with curating and researching. It was very refreshing to do and I plan to do more freeform shows like this one where I share what I have been listening to lately. I spoke briefly about how Bantam […]

This week’s theme covered a significant amount of territory in the U.S., from Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri and Kentucky. While researching I came across a website and found an article called Punk Rock in the American Southwest by Henry Weld. In the article Weld writes about a band called Knockabouts. I searched them […]

This show was rocky, only parts of it played. A fellow DJ helped me ensure that the last half was broadcasting. The theme was to play punk from Southern California- Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego etc. This show broadcasted Monday, January 16th at 9 pm.

Tracklist/playlist link: This episode we visit the iconic D.C. hardcore scene. This playlist was not super chronological, i wanted to include more melodic tracks since the D.C. scene is heavily associated with the origins of emo (songs from Jawbox, Faraquet, The Dismemberment Plan, and from Fugazi’s Instrument album). I also talked about a pivotal character, […]

Tracks/link: Summary: For this episode we went home for some Northern California punk, starting in San Francisco, moving into the east bay, going up to my home in Sonoma County, and back down to the south bay. This show was not as chronological as the last episode was, since there are so many variations in […]

Track List & Playlist Link: Wait a Minute- Wipers I’m Free- Neo Boys Out on a Wire- Dead Moon Need- Live in Berlin 10/10/88- Mudhoney Come on- Calamity Jane Demolished- Unwound Daily Bread- The Gits Temporary Insurance- Team Dresch Stay Away- Heavens to Betsy Tiger Beat- Bangs I Just Wanna Puke on the Stereo- The […]

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