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New Host Abigail Preston and PSU Alumni Sam Schrader discuss a broad history of the American traveling tented circus in a new remote recording format.

Thursday 1/16/20 – “jane,” an hour of classic rock. Reminisce about the 70s and 80s before you were even born but your spirit was roaming around in a 1965 corvette.

Thursday 1/9/20 – “Bite The Hand,” an airy and rainy sort and day-dreamy sort of hour of music to aid in welcoming in this new term. Listen to this playlist on a train whilst you gaze out upon the rain collecting on the ground outside and lament a lost love you never really had anyway, […]

Wednesday, 12/4/19 – “Ivory and Rose-Leaves,” the title of this hour is inspired by Oscar Wilde and of course, describes an hour of Classical, Opera, Contemporary Classical, and Motion Picture Soundtrack exclusive pieces; all of which will hopefully spark an academic fire within you this dead weak.

Wednesday 11/27/19 – “Prosody.” We are ringing in the Thanksgiving break with an hour of soft and easy autumnal melodies and much of the poetry of Simon & Garfunkel.

Wednesday 11/20/19 – “One Of Those Days,” bit of a hodge-podge of sounds and moods as I had great trouble deciding what to play during this hour but it somehow turned out rather cohesive and is quite indicative of the wintery weather quickly approaching.

Wednesday 11/13/19 – “It’s Getting Darker,” a show to ring in the earlier sunsets and colder weather.

Wednesday 11/6/19 – “The Soundtrack: Austin,” a show celebrating artists local to Austin, Texas while we give CeCe, a new DJ, a look at how the donuts are made.

FFO: King Krule, Sufjan Stevens, Beach Fossils, Mitski Mac DeMarco is a Canadian indie rock musician who has curated a sound and visual aesthetic so identifiable that it has become its own subgenre of airy beachy synths, gentle guitar, and cigarettes between the gap of two front teeth. The majority of DeMarco’s music centers around […]

Sunday 3/12/19 – “An Effort To Stay Tender,” an hour of songs to elicit feeling soft and warm like you’re snuggling up with a quilt your grandmother made and some tea that you’ve put too much honey, in but it’s okay because it’s sweet and warm, and perhaps you’re doing all of this in a […]

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